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Sniffles Fix by On/Go Complete Cold Cough Aid Kit is the ultimate all-in-one solution to combat seasonal illness. This powerful kit is designed to alleviate symptoms associated with cold, flu, RSV, strep, and even COVID-19. With a comprehensive set of remedies, including cough and cold medicine, throat lozenges, and pain relievers, you'll be able to fight off any ailment. The Sniffles Fix kit has everything you need to feel better quickly and get back to your daily routine. Don't let seasonal illness keep you down - try Sniffles Fix today

UPC: 850054560018

Sniffles Fix by On/Go Complete Cold Cough Aid Kit

SKU: 101549
  • What's included in the kit:

    Treat your symptoms +

    • Fast-acting cough, cold & flu meds
    • Defense boosting immunity tabs
    • Soothing cough drops
    • Refreshing nasal inhaler
    • Restorative herbal tea
    • Nourishing lip balm
    • Super soft tissues

    Diagnose your Sniffles™ +

    • Rapid at-home COVID-19 test
    • Genius thermometer

     Get trusted medical care + 

    • Access to virtual medical care - $20 credit included
  • No more scrambling to find remedies, rushing to the pharmacy or looking for a doctor – Sniffles is packed with everything you need to diagnose and treat your cough, cold, and flu symptoms so you feel better faster – wherever you are. 

    • GET BETTER FAST - soothe your scratchy throat and reduce your fever. Get highly effective relief from headaches and body aches
    • GET EXPERT MEDICAL HELP QUICKLY - included 24/7 telehealth consultations with licensed medical providers, supported by our Genius connected thermometer
    • GREAT VALUE - $75 worth of remedies, medications, and devices for a fraction of the cost
    • SLEEP BETTER - get your energy and vitality back with a full night’s sleep. Control the exhausting coughing, sneezing, headaches and pain.
    • AVOID THE PHARMACY RUN - be prepared with everything you need to feel better faster in one convenient kit
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